My enjoyment of art and art making uncovered my fascination with direct experience and our thoughts about direct experience.  My first attempts to clarify this relationship involved pursing a conceptual understanding through philosophies.  Although they described a variety of fascinating thought processes, I found them inadequate in describing the broad nature of experience:  our felt sense.  My pursuits led to the practice and study of mindfulness and awareness meditation.  The practice of meditation helped clarify the nature of experience, as well as my appreciation of language and the limits of language.  These paintings, watercolors, and prints embody personal explorations of meeting points between direct experience and thought.  They are a mix of non-objective painting and word(s).  Sometimes the words are readily visible and at other times not so much.  Are we to read the words or experience the painting?  Do the words describe the painting or are the words like a still life in a painting: a collection of forms and images placed within a setting?  Our viewing process by its very nature includes both our felt sense and thought sense.  When we allow them to work freely and in concert, they are as if in a dance that leads to an appreciation beyond what thought or experience offer by themselves.

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